Kora - poems by Tenzin Tsundue

kora-coverKora – a compilation signed by the author, Tenzin Tsundue.
One of our tibetan friends, writer, poet and activist for a freedom of Tibet, Tenzin Tsundue, just offers his book which is published in its 9th edition. Kora is a collection of poems and stories, written in English. We got the books directly from the autor, each of them is signed by the author.



Kora is a collection of a short story and eleven poems including the award-winning essay "My kind of exile“. This essay won the Outlook-Picador Non-fiction Competition in 2001. This book has been translated into several languages. Until today, there was sold more than 20 000 copies. The book became a subject of a play. Tenzin Tsundue is a tibetan writer, poet and activist living in exile in India. Tenzin Tsundue became famous for his courageous protests against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The author speaks very eloquently about conditions, hopes and sorrows of Tibetan refugees who yearn for freedom in their country.

The book is available: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the price of book is 5 euro.


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