Plane for the 8th restauration mission


Program of the expedition to Ladakh in the summer of 2014 included also a field survey of other monuments, religious buildings in the Nubra valley.  Civic Association Nyamthun Thundel Tsogspa in Hunder village cares for the small sacral buildings (Stupa-Chorten,  sacred walls "mani"), holds religious and folk citizens' meetings, takes care of public green and tidy. This time, the association has chosen a much harder task - to rescue from destruction shrine Lhakhang Karpo, which overlooks the village from the rocky slope to the south. The problem concerns both the static (structural stability) of the building and its damaged roof and especially rescue preservation of the interior decoration, therefore murals.

We were approached by the leaders of Thundel Tsogspa to realizethis task. We've written evidence as a preliminary study for the rescue preservation and as well as writing formulated argument that can be  used in the search for project financing.

When you look at a small collection of photos (link) of the current wretched state Lhakhang Karpo you´ll undeerstand how much work it  takes before the Hunder temple turns so as Diskit lhačung - compare pictures of him! We welcome your interest in sponsoring , your personal help!

8th restoration and educational expedition will take place on September 20, 2015 20.8.- 20.9.2015

Restore and teach will be realized by : painters-restorers Jan Knor, Jana Michálková, Thomas Berger; Petra Navratilova and  Lucie Kouřilová  will assist. Expedition is lead again by Dalibor Lebloch, chairman of the association.


1.  Rescue conservation of murals in Lhakhang Karpo above the village of Hunder in the Nubra valley, Ladakh, India;  1st stage: entrance wall.                                                                                                                        

2.   1st Conservation Workshop for Wall-paintings (restoration course) 27.8. - September 11, 2015, Hunder. The Workshop is mainly for  local students.                                                                                      

3.  The roof of Lhakhang Karpo repair.                                                                                                                      

4. The research and documentation of other sacral monuments in Hunder area.


Plan for 2014


1. Summer workers mission

    • fixation of building of lhačungu, general repairs of its roof

    • restoration on wall paintings of   lhačung,holly shrine, finishing works

    • restoration on plastics of lhačung holly shrine

    • continue on  work to achieve better guide's program of monastery 

    • fixing of power and watter suplly chanels


2. Mission of friends of Association for Tibet

Thre or five weeks long expedition of 5-10 people which helped us or want to see the work and help or even just visit this amazing part of world and be part of it for a while...

Come with us to budhistic monastery in Hymalai mountains

Yah! This is posible. Whole expedition will some to be in 2015 and  the invitation is already written in czech language. We are havily working on english version too..

Until it is done, you can see automated transaltion.


In Brno  20.9.2012 MUDr.Dalibor Lebloch

608 808 790

Plan for 2013


  1. Restoration of wall paintings on  lhačung, holy shrine, second  iteration.
  2. Instalation of internet connection in Diskit monastery
  3. Public presentations of project
  4. Financial support


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