3. donation concert For Tibet

Arranged by  Quanti Minorit with Association For Tibet

3th of June  inside  Brno music club SLOWONE since  18:00.  In Slovan hotel underground  (access from passage)

The acustic performance will be played by extraordinary Quanti Minoris  with multiinstrumentalist Zdenek Němeček  and  Biomassa (bigbeat).

http://fortibet.cz/ & http://www.quantiminoris.cz/  &  http://www.biomassa.cz/



For organisation team,

 regards "Betka"

So much work to do and so short time

  t8f9aqc bru

The spokne language is only czech, sorry. But still worthy to  watch in galery and also in HD for download


What is going on in mission 2014

It is widely known, that our association is very god at spending the money - all Buddha-like stuff like restoration of monasteries in SW Tibet. However, there are those who can money also earn. And among those  - namely PPG INDUSTRIES - can those also share and help where needed. Thank you Ms. Heidler!

As it happens, a good deed started an avalanche of another interesting events.


The Wall-Paintigs Conservation 1999-2012

The Wall-Paintings Conservation 1999-2012 document - in English language - was finally added into download section.
This document, which is completion and translation of older, Czech document (to be found in Czech gallery ) is gathering all the efforts on monastery in long fourteen years.
You can download pdf from gallery.

28.1.2013 - Budhistic monks from Ladakh - 20:00 Cafe PRÁH Wannieck Gallery





  •  100 photos from restoration mission  2012
  • Report by  Dalibora Lebloch himself,, frontmen of association
  • Report about attendance of  Islamic Students
  • http://www.cafeprah.cz/




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