What is going on in mission 2014

It is widely known, that our association is very god at spending the money - all Buddha-like stuff like restoration of monasteries in SW Tibet. However, there are those who can money also earn. And among those  - namely PPG INDUSTRIES - can those also share and help where needed. Thank you Ms. Heidler!

As it happens, a good deed started an avalanche of another interesting events. two our most experienced restorers, shared their ticket donation, and take also theirs younger colleagues. So again, our restorers will need to pay to do their job, but there will be three times more of them. and that means three times more work done.  Academic artists Lenka Helfertová and Markéta Pavlíková (main personalites from Mission 2006) are taking with them their colleagues Aničku Helfertovou, Anežku Svobodovou and Jonáše Rosůlka!

All those five persons will continue in restoration of wall paintings in Lhathung in Diskit, which started last year. Also an attempts to learn this arts locals, will continue.

Dominika Dworokova (the smiling one in yellow shirt on this picture in this gallery) have in meantime graduated in restoration arts and is taking with her Adrian Kozera, who will be guide in Diskit temple for tourists in English language.

An extraordinary event of restoration of clay sculptures from Altar of Lhacung will be done by Soňa Pavlovičová with her Polish colleague.

The leader of mission will be as usually  Dalibor Lebloch, with his deputy, and guide for German language - Stella Kratochvílová.

With cooperation with France FEU VERT POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT – PARIS the mission for year 2015 is getting into shape. If you wont to join, feel free to follow the pages of Membership and support

See you soon in Tibet - Or at least in Small one, in  Veselá 5, Brno


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