We are looking for

  1. Volunteers with will to help  - At first in local parts of Association For Tibet, later in Ladakh itself. Aldo for those with own ideas how to improve association o monastery (eg garbage solutions or ecological or medical  education).
  2. Grant  agent, person able to find and ask for a grant
  3. Technical Partner specialist - restoration school, museum...  who can take care about this well-driven project
    We have already explored the possibilities how to preserve all the amazing cultural heritage. We have also made first steps to its preservation. We are also in loop with all the necessary administrations in India. However,  following approach should be  driven by much more involved group of experts.
  4. Help us with propagation, use this banner  (link),  on your web page or invite  your friends  by  FB
  5. Become a friend of monastery and come with us during Ladhak mission
  6. Become a patron of Distik monastery!  
    • The account  for donations is  5183240009/4000
  7. Become a patron of monuments conservation and teaching of conservation in Ladakh!
    • The Acc. for donation is 5183240009/4000, IBAN CZ594 000 000 000 5183240009, SWIFT EXPNCZPP and for euro the Acc. is 107-7925980217 / 0100

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Nubra and Syok confluence in the verge of the Himalayas and Karakoram in the northern Ladakh.
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